Friday, May 20, 2011

Should Be Farming

My plan was to hit the beach farm today, but I simply could not get my act together enough to finish an application for a residency program last night. Post-mark deadline today, I will be desk-bound until I am finished. In lieu of going today, I will post some pictures from last Saturday's beach farm visit which in all the busyness never got posted.

I hope you can see how the front broccoli tent is ballooning out. That is because the broccoli is getting quite large. The back tent broccoli was planted 2 weeks later than the front and are much smaller. I now see the benefit of planting out earlier -despite slow green growth at first, strong roots develop and then speedy green growth when the temperature warms.

I released the stakes tying the whole tent apparatus together so the broccoli will lift the tenting as it grows upward. I really wanted to expose the broccoli to the cooler air, but I had to remind myself that the tent is to keep the moths out as much as it was for protection from the winds.

Inside the tent. It's hard to weed in there, and the broccoli is super tender, as if grown in a greenhouse.

The garlic is getting quite large, the stems at the soil level almost an inch in diameter. I'm expecting scapes sometime in the next two or three weeks.

And, of course, the peas.

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