Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I'm On To You, June

People are still talking about the rains of May, but I'm on to June, and wondering if it will be much like last year's -hot and dry. All the plants suffered last June, until the moderation that came in July and the cooling of August (which is unusual). The soil is quite dry in the upper layer, and some plants wilt under the sun, only springing back after it wraps the corner. I hesitate to water, this garden not designed around it, but if rain doesn't come sometime soon, I'll be out there a waterin.

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  1. I put out another 100' feet of soaker hose and mulched over it on Saturday. Not a moment too soon it seems. I lost a couple plants in that same hot, sunny bed during those 100+ days last summer. I've got resilient plants in that area, but some weeks they need a touch of life-saving love from the spigot.


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