Friday, July 8, 2011

Yellow, White & July

Early July seems to be the season of orange, yellow, white, cream. I've seen worse returns, as the garden held its own weight this time with simple tie-ups and dead-heading to do. Worst bit were all the yanked stems and cut lilies. Not present is its own dilemma.

Immobile, getting ready for the night's rest.

The side yard tangle, shifting every year, unrealized.

Lilies in the dark.

Have not figured out what happened here. Dicentra eximia, ferns, and forget-me-not obliterated while we were away. It wasn't the heat because it was not that hot and they did well in last year's record June heat. Was it feet or sleeping cats? I'm going with people feet, then sleeping cats. I'm watering, hope precipitate.

That was a horrible ending; encore presentation front yard.


  1. Thanks for the new ending! That was very depressing. Love your first photo.

  2. Thanks, but I've a depressing story lurking somewhere, always. But the front looks good enough to stave another off!


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