Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Can't Focus

I managed to get my camera to work -sort of. It has trouble focusing as the lens gets stuck. In this case, it focused on the bird netting, but I intended to fix on the basket of 6 black russians amongst other produce. The black russians have been perfect, so far producing 10 from one plant.

Another tough shot from outside the bird netting. An actual pixel size crop is the best I could do. I wanted you to see the brilliant gold flecks of this tomato vine in the morning sun. 

We're having a hard time with the plums this year. So many, most, have been tossed with blossom end rot. We would have had a stellar crop if it weren't for this. Leaf curl too. Camera, again, focusing on the net.

Bug ID photos are tough without quick, accurate focusing. Our cukes have been visited mostly by these black bees. Click on the bottom shot for a closer look.

 Happens to be a good foot shot.


  1. Hey Frank, I find it hard to ID the bug even with a good photo, but it's the search for the ID that's the fun part and I think you learn a lot even if you don't get the ID. The garden produce looks delicious.

  2. Probably Male Longhorn, Melissodes bimaculata

    the search is always the reward.


  3. I don't even bother planting Plum tomatoes anymore, because the battle with BER is annoying. Your maters are looking great!


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