Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How My Councilman Suffers

Councilman Lander,

Because you are the official voice of our neighborhood, I thought it was worth expressing my dismay at the broad spraying of pesticides in our neighborhoods. Too little info is given. How do they spray? Will they blanket the house, the sidewalk, the trees and shrubs? What of my garden, which happens to be organic until tonight? And I hardly feel, although I am not an expert, that spraying my house and sidewalk will kill mosquitoes that breed in pools of water, sometimes as small as soda caps (i.e. Asian Tiger Mosquito).

We know how mosquitoes breed, so is it really necessary to spray the front yard which may be 50% concrete? What of the backyards anyhow? How will they spray those? Will the spraying be from the air? And because this area is near Greenwood and Prospect Park, how come they are not spraying there? Or are they? And finally, what of the storm drains? I think there's more than alligators breeding down there.

Also, remind me how many people have died from West Nile Virus in NYC? (CDC -4 in 2010) Maybe we should spray motorists as I think they've killed more pedestrians (250?). Sorry, that was too easy.




  1. This is very odd. If I had not read your blog I would not know about this.

  2. They recommend washing toys with soap and water. What about playground equipment in the parks that are being treated? Will they be washed before children play on them?

  3. are greenwood & prospect park fancy neighborhoods?


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