Thursday, August 25, 2011

Its Only Hype When Nothing Happens

The newest tracking for Ms. Irene brings the eye of the storm over central New Jersey. This is bad for Cape May, Atlantic City, The Del-Mar-Va. But it is also bad for NYC. Here's why.

The windy side of a hurricane is the east side. The windy side pushes more water, a lot more water. In addition, the currents flow east to west along Long Island's south shore. New York Harbor, in fact, the whole of the NY Bight is a crotch, or a funnel, into which this windy side of the storm can push a whole lot of water, especially during astronomically higher tides. Again, too soon to say, but this can be bad for all of NYC's coastal residents, and possibly no good for the beach farm (shan't I think of myself?). I believe we need an 11 feet over high tide to swamp the beach farm. 

The storm is a little weaker right now, and may only intensify a bit before hitting the Carolinas. If the eye stays over land, then it will weaken significantly during that time, although retaining enough strength to still be a menace to our untested infrastructure (remember how a good amount of rain can shut down our subways?) and coastal areas.

Use this tool for checking your elevation. Just place the black cross-hairs over your street. Then buy a jug of water or two. 


  1. Frank, you bring a tear to this Midwest-born girl's eye. That place just breeds an obsession with weather. Here's hoping you and the beach farm pull through as we "hardy Midwesterners" are known to. The spare case of beer is in the closet under my shoes...


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