Saturday, August 13, 2011

Peak Produce

I had managed to get my camera to work this one day by banging the lens on a table. You will notice on every picture a blurry streak, center left, and a general sense of focus on the wrong objects. To get the images off the card, I needed to unscrew all the tiny screws from the case and yank on the plastic. Somehow, this made the camera stay on for download. It's getting bad folks. What's a blogger without photos?

Morning view towards the green beans, carrots, and bolting cilantro. Green beans are full tilt.

Glow worm (or Black Swallowtail caterpillar) on the carrots.

The haul. Somehow the picture makes it look like less. 

Still getting a good amount of blossom end rot on the paste tomatoes. Although we did just harvest the original flower sets which seemed unaffected by the b.e.r. There are quite a few tomatoes on these plants. One plant has maybe 40 tomatoes on it, all green, and with hope, will overcome the b.e.r.

The recent super rain forced many of our tomatoes to crack and burst. Their skin is the only defense against tomato raiders. Many insects find the flesh delectable, including little ants. I placed this in the sun, then hosed it out, appearing to rid it of buggers. This is one of the last two black russians, and there was no way I was going to lose it to ants. I cut out the crack and will eat it tonight. Delicious.

By the way, I consider ants a clean insect. If ants brought food to my table, I would thank them and eat.


  1. Holy cow, look at your gorgeous harvest! Yeah, I would cut out the crack and eat that mater too. I too think Ants are a clean insect. Somehow when I see them in my kitchen I don't freak out. But if I see other insects, forget about it. Yuck. That catepillar is sure pretty. Hope it's not too destructive.

  2. It's eatin the carrot leaves, but not too bad.

  3. I think it looks like a good haul. Too bad about the blossom end, but it looks like your other tomatoes will make up for the loss.


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