Friday, August 19, 2011

Snake Park

It's actually called Lanape Park. We pass it on the way to the beach farm. From the road all you see is a giant snake and white eggs that spray water. I liked that sense of menace mixed with the absurdity of eggs that spray water, although it seemed a little scary for the little ones. I got my camera working, so we finally decided to stop and take a closer look.

From the road we couldn't see the turtle, the mother of the eggs that happen to be hatching.

Its hard to see, but the mouth has a nozzle that sprays water. Meanwhile the snake is coming for dinner. I still like it better from the road. Something about eggs that spray water tickles me.

Check out these cigars. If the snake didn't scare the kids, maybe these ghostly faces will. Seriously, how did this pass the committee? I understand it is supposed to suggest Native American-ness (spirit poles?), but it ends up being just weird. What exactly were kids supposed to do with it? We couldn't spend too much time figuring it out, as adults aren't allowed in playgrounds in NYC. At least, not unless they are towing a kid themselves, which we weren't, and so we spirited away to the beach farm.

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  1. Never seen this before, quite interesting. Which area cant this be found in?


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