Sunday, September 18, 2011


The basil has gone through an incredible growth spurt, when normally at this time it is decline. Must've been all of August's rain, leaving my to speculate that it hadn't been getting enough water from the spray system. Above it you can see the yellowing leaves of parsley that should be stout and green. It's because someone came by, yanked on it, pulled it from the ground, and left it to die. Sadly, I also found a smashed, large, brilliant yellow, striped German on the ground between the tomato rows.

The broccoli grows well, untented.

The haul. Several pounds of paste tomatoes, a few striped German, a brandywine, and a couple of black Russians. Carrots too, and the last of the greenbeans.


  1. Those are some healthy carrots!

  2. Wow that looks delicious!! What did you make afterwards with the mixed haul?

  3. I love the carrots. I eat them raw.
    The tomatoes became peeled/whole and frozen with garlic and basil. Eggplant into a chicken dish. Green beans still uneaten. Big tomatoes eaten with cheese and bread. daily.


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