Saturday, October 1, 2011

Tree Down

Rex has lots of trees down, and its changing the feel of the woods. This already open area is now more so and should fill with plants that will tolerate partial sun.

The oaks have been particularly hard hit thanks to the Oak Wilt. It's like a sudden death syndrome for oak trees. In this case, a thunderstorm took out this old white oak.

The base of the tree was quite rotted and hollow.

Although the upper portion was quite solid and heavy, explaining why the wind was able to take it down so easily. On its way down, it took out a cottonwood.
Leaving Rex an unending supply of logs and limbs for his trail projects -the new stair case from above.


  1. Love the Rex tales. Sounds like quite the guy.

  2. Really, it's amazing that he made that path.

  3. Rex is most interesting. Often alone, he prefers to keep busy. He's always been a child of the woods. His paths crisscross 15-20 acres.


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