Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Bugs

This past weekend was glorious weather, so I went out to the beach farm to plant a bit more garlic and pull some brassica. I found myself kneeling, searching the soil for creatures after pulling a particular weed, which I cannot name, with several minuscule white creatures.

The weed.

The bug. Seriously small -those are grains of sand beneath, amazing I saw them at all. Good, bad, or ugly -still don't know.

It made me curious about other inhabitants of roots. I found this millipede in the roots dead basil plants.

I turned to see this fly on a recently cut broccoli floret. 

Lapping it up, eh. A testament to the sweet juices of autumnal broccoli. Click on the image for even more detail.


  1. Sweet insect photos. I love those syrphid flies that look like they're wearing supercool shades.

  2. Any more detail and I'll have nightmares. Cool pix, though.

  3. What, are you trying to tease me with the macra???

  4. You're camera's coming back to you. Can't you hear its little footsteps?


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