Monday, November 21, 2011

Soil Test Redo

I've sent in two new soil tests. One for the beach farm -I've never had it tested and am mostly curious about the pH. And, since we're getting it tested, may as well get the metals analysis too. The "upstate" sample is a redo of the garlic plot now that 8 yards of compost have been added. I am hoping it ups the pH and I am also curious about the compost's effect on the metals numbers -any dilution?


  1. Let us know how the numbers turn out. I had your same Brooklyn guy test a client's soil last fall and the numbers made no sense...plainly contradictory on one of the macronutrients. He agreed and re-tested but I was never satisfied. I'm curious as to what your experience will be.

  2. I worry about that. I will report back. Its hard to pay for the same soil twice just to see if the numbers are the same. I get a bit confused with the Cornell system, which I think has been changed lately.

  3. Do you use Brooklyn College for your soil tests?


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