Saturday, December 10, 2011

First Cold Night?

First night below freezing? It's been listed at 27 degrees F early tomorrow morning and, honestly, it's about time. Let's get this winter thing over with. Throw us into the thick of it now that it is middle December. Tomorrow I head upstate to check on the garlic farm and spread some straw now that it should remain cold.

There's got to be one landlord out there who is glad he didn't hack down our sunflowers.

And the iris, going for round three, but not before it freezes?

We'll see, with another on its heels.


  1. Pick the iris! Save the iris!

  2. I agree with @Marie, pick the iris! It's amazing how much is still in bloom in NYC.

  3. Last year I picked. I'll probably pick again -depending on the temps.


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