Monday, December 5, 2011

The Gaahrdener And His Gaahrlech.

This is Wolf. Carpenter by trade, gardener by the ocean. He grows lots and lots of garlic. This year he said he came up short, but won't bother with growing the grocery store stuff -he says it doesn't grow for him. He knows what he's doing. I like his plank system for spacing, lining up rows and keeping the soil less compacted. Perfect for a spot this size. He was smart enough to wait out the weather, not outsmarted by the freak October snowstorm into planting too far ahead of a freeze. I, on the other hand, was all too ready to match last year's planting date of middle November.

And this is what I have to show for it. Our beach farm soil hasn't dropped below green growth-inhibiting temperatures. Above is Tuscan, a turban variety. I've also noted Aglio Rosso, a creole variety, because it has not grown above the soil line and, after exploratory digging, I see that it has only leafed out about an inch or so. Most of the other garlic varieties down at the beach farm are above the soil line. They'll be fine, of course, but we best get some cold weather soon or they will use up too much of their stored energy long before they need it.

These should be long dead.

Fuzzy little tongues so brilliantly red.

Of course, the snap peas really do like this weather -an eternal spring.

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  1. Will be fun to follow the progress of your garlic in your different zones over the season. We got ours in mid-november too this year. Smack dab I think.


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