Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Doing Today

What I probably won't have time for tomorrow. And the weather, you know, gets you looking for garden projects. I wanted to lay new wood chips down the paths before the season begins in earnest, so I headed to Greenwood to grab six full garbage bags worth. I shoveled to the music of bagpipes, the chatter of parrots, and the dull clanging of Greenwood's bell.

I cannot tell you how odd it is to find bright green feathers on the ground after 40 years of never seeing anything near that color in a bird feather. Occasionally, I hear the parrots chastising birds in the trees on my street, at least a mile from their cemetery perch. Their chatter is not particularly pleasant, I even think I prefer crows' caw to it.

Although I was close to the tower gate where many of the parrots live, the sound was louder than it should have been. I located new nests on this substation across the street. Take a close look -their brown, twig nests are near the platform.

At the beach farm, I worked alone, except for the helicopter in the distance and a constant parade of trucks. There was a large tent near the abandoned building, so clearly something was going on, but I left it alone.

I had weeding to do, and chips to spread. I spread pelletized lime and raked it in (recent soil test indicated a lower than ought-to-be pH), realizing how well garlic at this stage takes to the rake. I turned the tomato beds, raking them smooth, then planted a large handful of mesclun mix and other spring greens in one and snap peas in another. Cold still on the way? Who could care at this point? Although I did hold off on the head lettuce and fennel.

Allium sativum ophioscorodon var. Turban 'Thai Purple'


  1. nice signage. i use salvaged plastic window venetian blinds with a wax pencil.

    good luck with the community thing. sounds painful.

  2. It's leftovers from the garlic farm upstate, student scrap cedar shakes and a laser cutter!

    Ah, it'll be fine, I'm in good order.


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