Thursday, February 9, 2012

You've Seen It

I've seen it. Last night was the first time I chose to picture it -daffodils well-suited to the mid-March-like snowfall we had. Two weeks ago I saw yellow daffs in the children's garden at BBG.


  1. I know, I know. The weather is strange. I've had some daffs blooming since last week and still picking broccoli from the garden. I'm in Central Arkansas,, zone 7,, I think.. unless someone has re-zone me. Love your website as well as Marie's.

  2. Hey Frank, Have you seen these? (About the gasline project proposed for gateway)

  3. I had a few daffodils coming up too, with buds already on them and then whammo snow. It makes me so angry!

  4. Karen,

    I did not see that. Thank you. Um, I need to see a plan. I can very easily see the route they want to take through the corridor because of many city owned plots into East NY, industrial and poor. Hmm. Seems obvious why there was little opposition, has little to do with bipartisanship. Need to see a plan.

    Incidentally, soil test results finally came in and they could have been better.

  5. think there's a section that will run up flatbush to avenue u as well. found some info i could email you.


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