Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fresh Young Lean


A roast chicken was in order. In my neighborhood, if you want a chicken there are only two choices worth considering -Murray's or Halal. Tonight, I went with Murray's from one of the local big stores. I didn't notice until I got home how much the packing dedicated itself to promoting current trends in food awesomeness.

The cutest thing, the thing I believe was humorously parodied on the show Portlandia (couple in a restaurant want to know about their chicken), is the Farm Verification label. With it, it says, you can find out where your evening's chicken came from and learn about the family that raised it (I sure hope little Billy is doing well in school). I entered the code at the prompt on, and the code returned the words code not found. Hmm. I hope my chicken's family is okay.


  1. LOL! Maybe they were hoping no one would check. :P

  2. Huh. I'm going to start tracking my chickens, too.


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