Sunday, March 4, 2012

Garden Gate

I will fix this garden's gate. No more will we climb over the fence to enter the side yard. Last autumn the lord of this land removed the last of his utility poles from this spot. And he said I should plant. Just don't tell the lady, he said. I wouldn't, her glance withers flowers.

The soil is pretty nasty, full of cat turds and semi-degraded garbage from the last 50 years. But then, so was the other side when I started in 2004. Was it that long ago?I will head to Greenwood for some free wood chip and leaf compost. I'm thinking something low growing for the new area, path-side. I miss that mass of spring bulbs from that first garden spring, 2005.


  1. Your home? How great. More space to plant. Every gardener's dream.

  2. In front of the apartment building. 7 years in the making.

  3. Oh, I can hardly stand it--spring fever! I can't garden anymore myself, but I still want to dig in the dirt every spring.


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