Monday, March 12, 2012

Less Grocer

More fancy market?

I went to our local C-town today because they always have a wide variety of meats. But something was different. The beers had moved, and this end cap -it had quail eggs?! I wrapped the corner and ah, I see, 1/4 aisle of organic and fancy. Well, kudos to C-town for adapting. Foodtown, at the other end of the hood, tried years ago with a renovation that simply grossed me out (dust everywhere, but store open!). I only go to Foodtown for the Murray's chicken and self-checkout -yes, I like to check myself out. Who doesn't? But check that out -quail eggs from Canada at C-town. Times they are a changin.


  1. Quail eggs at C-town!? My mind is blown.

  2. Wow. How much are they? In Chinatown they're like, nothing. At Union Market, the same eggs, 6 times the price! I like them, boiled, peeled, dipped in little dishes of salt and pepper.

  3. 3.99. I never had them. How do they taste?


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