Monday, March 26, 2012

Only Fools

Give in. Don't you know that weather is guided by a different god than mother nature? The god of weather is an antagonist. When March baahs in like a lamb, must it roar out like the lion?

It may feel that way, but only because it has been so extraordinarily warm for the last month. An arctic high has been able to slip south thanks to a change in the jet stream, but it won't be as cold as it feels.

In fact, it may not even drop below freezing in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and some of Queens. And if it did, it may do no harm to the less than delicate. It's windy, and with wind comes movement and a challenge to freezing. If it were completely still, you might see a dastardly freeze, but I am predicting nothing short of a close call. 

And while I like the odds against my seedlings freezing in the cold frame, I still lugged them in. Upstate, at the garlic farm, they predict 19. Must be still, but if it's not, I say 26. 

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