Friday, March 16, 2012

What's Up?

The cima di rapa, err broccoli rabe. Up next, fennel of two kinds.


  1. So, I am reading the comments after the white flower farm critique on garden rant, and what to my wondering eyes should appear.....Frank commenting from NYC? Hmmmmmm. I click on his link. But I am still not sure, until I see the sidebar that says: take a look at MY ARTWORK. The blog looks great, Frank. I love it. Is there a way I can subscribed to have new content delivered via email like Garden Rant does with Feedblitz? Also, how much time does this take you? I have though about starting one centered around my container gardening efforts, but it looks daunting to do it well. It seems like gardening is becoming more and more a central thing for you. And that seems good. I look forward to talking with you about that, among other things! Best wishes, Astrid

    1. Hi Astrid! Thought you already knew about the blog. I've been in this heavy since 2007.
      I'll contact you via FB.

  2. Beautiful seedlings. They are off to a great start.


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