Monday, April 2, 2012

As The World Grows

These have been unproductive days. If I should ever be able to marshall the powers which control my attitude towards work and productivity (I suppose we call that discipline), I will be a huge success. Until then...

A brief visit to the beach farm, tomatoes yet to be seeded. A visit to the offices at the studio to discuss upcoming changes, where nothing's changed, and finally, some hours in the studio where little was accomplished. Ball dropped, I went to the grocery to pick up some pork shoulder for tacos. In the oven now, I simply wait, while considering how enjoyable watching old episodes of Twin Peaks might be. 

For tonight's tacos, which I am sure to enjoy, I must thank Marie of 66squarefeet. No one person in recent years has influenced the way I think about food as much as Marie has through her blogging. I cannot say that I am a better cook (in fact, I might be slipping for lack of time), but what has happened is an awareness that has invigorated food itself -the process, the presentation, the representation. I think that's remarkable. 

Broccoli rabe or cima di rapa, however you like it, growing fast now. But still too tender for the beach -its awfully windy there. Roots are beneath the wooden box now. Next week I will plant it out. It is a delicious green at this stage.

Fennel, the Greater. Fennel, the bulbous. Slow grower, but competent -no fuss, so far.

The other fennel for seeds -Fennel, the Lesser. Here, a seed capsule slowly casting off. I suspect this plant will become a weed and I will be responsible for creating a new foragable species in the Rockaways. Worse -I hear chefs want the pollen, not the seeds. Either is good rubbed all over pork. I use it liberally in Italian dishes.

The lettuce. Both new to me, well, at least since my last attempt, at the unaccomplished age of 25, in a wet and sluggy garden during my brief stay in Portland, Oregon. Butter and romaine here, to be transplanted into the tomato beds at the beach.


  1. If I had a dime for every fennel I've weeded out of my garden...well, you know the expression. It looks like you've been busy enough...not so lazy at all. It feels like it's already so late this year, but it's still early. Have a good season over the bridge. Wind must have been crazy down there today.

    1. Very windy, but nice when the sun poked out. Its hard to judge productivity, but its mostly that I havent had too much ambition in the studio since my last shows. I see you always have to have a show on the burner as it keeps the momentum.

      I feel like I am waiting.


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