Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Golden Gooser

I've seen this vehicle around lately, in Prospect Park and Central Park. 

There's a secret war on the geese of New York. He rides in his kayak, and it looks innocuous enough, but it's all about getting the goose.  From whom, exactly, is the pressure coming to extinguish the geese? What is the cost of the man in the kayak versus the cost of leaving the geese in the parks in a time of smaller Parks budgets? Why do we need a 'specialist?' To detach officials from the unpopular destruction of geese? By the way, it has little to do with airplanes -no goose has been gotten at Gateway, where we watch low-flying planes take off every other minute.

Are the birds are striking back? Did you hear of the kayaking gooser that was retired by a swan? Maybe the swans think they're next.


  1. I'm curious--what kind of geese are located there? Canadian geese are federally protected. We consider them nuisances because they are so prolific, but there isn't much you can do about them.

  2. Canada geese that wish to be US citizens. They stay all year.

  3. Stinks. Another example of mankind adjusting the environment with poor results. As alarming as visiting an apple picking farm and wondering why their are no signs of birds.


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