Monday, April 16, 2012

Never Seen This Coming

I would have never imagined this, and wouldn't have known were it not for my sidebar hydrofracking New York news alerts. In an effort to dispose of the salty 'brine' dredged up from the depths of hydro-fracking, energy companies are pitching to counties and municipalities the availability (no doubt for free) of their hard to dispose of, radioactive, chemical-laden, salt water waste product for use on roadways as a de-icing agent.

Can you imagine? And what did one county that has chosen not to prohibit this use give as the reason?

"...they weren't convinced there was a scientific justification for banning brine spreading or did not have sufficient information on the topic to move to prohibit its application." 

You see, this is the difference between us -when I do not have sufficient information, I say I cannot justify the risk, yet they prefer to use the stuff, despite not having sufficient information. In other words, it sounds to me like those municipalities are being forced to drink their own fruit punch, lest they admit to it's poison.

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  1. next thing you know, they'll be pitching it as fertilizer..


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