Monday, April 9, 2012

Which Way The Wind Blows

This wind, especially in the open space of the beach farm, is rough. It underscores another problem quietly lurking -drought.

I'm planting broccoli rabe at the beach farm this morning. It's ready to go, although this wind and the fact that the Fed hasn't turned the water on, will give the young starts a tough time of it.

It's quite dry here too. Digging down, I don't hit cooler, semi-damp soil until about 5 inches. The rabe, I can hope, having doused them with a bit of drinking fountain water, will make it through the next 24 hours. Hope isn't enough, so I decided to hold off on most of them.

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  1. good luck. i have a low-lying garden with very rich soil that i usually have to wear boots in the month of april. this year, i am watering, but only to soak seeds. i hope they hook up your water soon.

    boy, they do everything to dissuade gardening there, it seems.


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