Saturday, April 14, 2012

Young Garlic

Last Sunday I bought some fresh, young garlic at the farmers' market. I mentioned to the cashier that their garlic was quite large for this time of year. He said that they had planted it early, looking over at his companion, then nodding yes, November. I thought that was funny. So I told him that I too had planted some at that time, but it was no where near this size. As I departed, he stopped me to say that they had used compost, some very good compost on their fields. 

In a day's time it shrunk by nearly a third. I sliced the roots from the cloves, exposing the pattern within. I sliced it into fried eggs in the morning and later, with olive oil drizzled onto pasta.


  1. Well now you have me curious about how my garlic looks these days underground. Makes you wish you could have a little pericscope and camera underground and you could peek in and capture it as it grows.

  2. how much did you pay for this spring garlic?


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