Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Cure

These curing Allium vineale inexplicably have the odor of the most intriguing garlic salt. Yes, garlic, but the clinging soil is possibly adding something else. When young and green, the field garlic has a more earthy onion/garlic scent. It is now intensifying into something quite a bit more beguiling.


  1. How long will you cure them and how will you store them once they're cured?

    1. Ellen,
      Its totally experimental. I kept them in the ground longer than usual, taking them out about two weeks after cut scapes. They've developed side cloves and a woody central stalk. I will dry them out for two weeks and then they should store like regular garlic -except, they don't have wrappers, so how long will they store? I will begin using them soon -they are much more garlicky smelling than cultivated garlic in this state! I would otherwise try to store until I guess planting time would be, which should be a month or so before I would see them again in the field.

  2. if that's the cure, i want the disease.


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