Sunday, May 13, 2012

Local Genius

It could only have been genius that struck when someone, probably the landlord's swift and conscientious workers,  realized they could eliminate the weeds with an herbicide spray. The only negatives could be the fact that a) it drifted onto my perennials and curled their leaves and b) didn't fully work because it rained afterward. 

Their greatest stroke of genius was spraying the tree pits with herbicide, because what they intuited isn't well understood -that trees are things, not herbs. Is it so hard for the landlord to have the weeds hoed or pulled? Besides the fact that I usually do it, but have been busy with the beach/upstate farm, school finals, the studio, and my mother's visit. I'd get to it soon enough. Given all the planting that I have accomplished, you'd think the landlady could let go of the weeds for a minute, maybe put a little effort into our dilapidated building, and leave the garden work to me.


  1. Right, tree is a thing. The herbicide couldn't possibly hurt it. This reminds me to tell students not to use herbicides in tree pits. Until now I'd thought that was obvious, but apparently not.

  2. ow ow ow. feeling your pain.


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