Monday, June 25, 2012

Bee Swarms?

NPR has been talking lately of bee swarms and starving bees. Just a thought -honey may be costly but flowers come cheap.

Bees, kiss my aster! I've got lots in my small garden. Each plant has dozens to hundreds of flowers. Asters can be sunflowers, goldenrod, chrysanthemum, fleabane, marigold, dandelions, dahlias, zinnia, echinacea, and on and on. If you have flowers, you probably have asters. Bees love them. If you want to feed your hyper local, artisanal, hand-pressed, cold-brewed, Breucklynn bred honey habit, plant an aster.

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  1. Agreed! My garden is full of bees too. They LOVE my gigantic lavender bush. A similar thought goes through my head when I'm amongst them. Bee scarcity? What bee scarcity? (and how hard a problem is this to solve?)


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