Friday, June 22, 2012

I think of people carrying eggs in spoons. 

I've moved the sidalcea this year to be nearer the sun now that the zelkova street trees nearly shade out the entire front garden. Happy is the green wasp, nestling into the mallow like a cat to nip.

 I don't recall picking these lilies -a little garish for my taste, but their scent is great, and hidden from pickers on the backside of the poor patio, under the yew tree, smothered by phlox and aconitum greens. Walk by -all you get is the scent.


  1. My experience buying bulbs is you may not have picked these lilies. People change their minds and just throw the bulbs back in any nursery bin.


If I do not respond to your comment right away, it is only because I am busy pulling out buckthorn, creeping charlie, and garlic mustard...