Friday, June 15, 2012

Shallot Shalom

The shallots came in just before the friday evening's closure of the elevator.


  1. I see you found your space for curing! Am kind of picturing you and Betsy and your apt lines with shelves for drying garlic, and you both ducking as you walk because there is garlic hanging from the ceiling everywhere:) We are getting som dry weather.

    1. Have you been looking in our windows? Actually have little space. Last night I was looking for wall with studs to anchor rods that could support curing garlic. Now there's holes all over the place! We're out of room with 1800 to go.

      The shallots are in Betsy's studio. Hot in there in summer though. Still haven't found a place, but if the owners barn is finished before the crop comes in I'll do it there. But it's a race to the finish for the garlic this year!

  2. mazel tov on your harvest.


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