Friday, August 31, 2012

Return To Garden

It took me four days to get to the beach farm after our return to NYC on Sunday. When I did, it would have been hard not to be disappointed by the giant eggplants (although beautifully colored), the mildew beaten cucumbers (hardly a leaf in sight), the swollen French beans, or the dropped husks of rotten tomatoes.

So I set to work to get things back in order. Tomatoes were picked, green beans picked or pulled, broccoli cut (horribly full of harlequins and cabbage worms), lettuce, fennel, and brassica seedlings planted, and carrots plucked from the soil.

All in all a good haul. Then I left, unsure when I will be able to return.

The herbs are at their peak. All the flying creatures love the seed fennel. Only the Thai basil is seriously flowering.

Stunning and powerfully-flavored.

And I had tomatoes for dinner. My first this season, just as everyone else begins to tire of them. Black Russian still favored over Black Krim.

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  1. Looking good, all in all. Glad to see it kept going without you :)


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