Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Fields

I've been stalking this field for months now. We met in April for the first time, and now, 6 months later, I'm ready to get my hands dirty. Yet, no lease, or any official business on site other than our vague verbal agreement that I would be on this land at some time in the future, has me keeping my distance, has me looking on from afar.

The seed is coming in, the weather cooling, time growing short, and finally, finally, the organization has confirmed a meeting date, this coming Monday, 10 am, Amagansett time. Issues must be addressed, documents signed, tractor work discussed, implements implemented.

The land trust is taking a big risk with me- artist, city guy, employed, no farm experience, 3 hour commute. Each day I learn new difficulties for the farmer, the paperwork, labor, expenses, depreciation, codes and zoning, taxes and exemptions that have little to do with actually farming, but everything to do with having a farm business. It's no wonder the trust has a hard time filling their acres. It's no wonder that giant farms are the norm. Fulfilling all that is required can put a new farmer out of business before he even gets going.

I will try to keep it simple. I'm planting 8000 cloves and corms. Entirely unlikely that it will be profitable, but if I keep it simple, I may just break even.

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