Saturday, October 20, 2012

Final Days At The Beach Farm

Still Speckled Roman tomatoes on the vine. This is a keeper heirloom, with great tasting, juicy sauce tomatoes, indeterminate production, and held its own against Verticillium and Fusarium wilts.

Despite my organized planting of Allium vineale last fall and my exacting harvest of them this summer, new field garlic is still popping up the bed.

One reason field garlic is so hard to extinguish -bulb and roots are more than 5 inches below the surface. I'll leave these to the fields from now on.

The Ruby-Crowned Kinglet was fluttering through the beach farm. Remarkably comfortable with my presence, the Kinglets pulled bugs from the fennel and tomato plants throughout my visit.

The beach farm is now looking meek. The Fed is supposed to have come in this week to begin tearing up the boundaries. I cleaned up mine so they wouldn't have to. They want us to be more organized, but that will be a tough sell to this crowd.

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