Monday, October 29, 2012

Now's A Good Time To Appreciate The Great Indoors

My last run to the corner store could have been an injury. Missed twice by two different flying objects. And the deli only had one bottle of tonic left (vantage too, :-( ). A car was seriously damaged by a rolling bin caught in the wind stream while I watched in the doorway. We gave chase after it got lodged temporarily on a street sign. The newly built construction fence has danger written all over it. It slammed down while I was passing.

Our winds will be worse than Irene. Mostly because they will be sustained where Irene was gusty. The water will top the piers. Get your last looks now, cause things will start breaking, dropping, flying soon. Fortunately, we've lost lots of trees and weak limbs to so many prior wind storms, but I'm sure some wont be able to stand a sustained 45.

Our Internet is out, so it's only the mobile phone for me. And cooking. Hunker down NY, we've only a couple hours till center landfall. Pressure at my place is 28.85 and falling. The record for NYC is 28.38 in 1914. And while the news is all about the metro area, I would like to point out that the winds and rain are bad inland, like in the mountains of western NY and Pennsylvania.

Update: it's now nearly 6 pm. The meat is in the oven, the wind is still gusting a good 30 or so from the east south east. While the news continues to say the worst is yet to come, I feel pretty good about sitting down to dinner. If you're going outside, I still say don't. There's lots of things not wind tested in our town.

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