Thursday, October 18, 2012

Style Sheet

Screen shot, Iphone of Iphone.

On Sunday I used my phone, available light and some white foam core to photograph all the different strains of garlic I will plant this November. Farms conventionally display a quarter, situated adjacent to the garlic, to show the size of their produce. It is useful to understand the size of the strain you buy, but I wanted to do so with a little more playfulness. My studio mate, Matt, offered up his boxes of thread spools. Why not? They're colorful, although not always the same size, they are similarly sized, and even I have an innate sense of their scale since playing with them as a child.

At first I did a number of shots with two bulbs, then a bulb and a clove, but in the end I settled on simple. We also tried some blue-cast gator board as the backdrop. That was electric and so settled on a warmer tone board.

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