Friday, December 21, 2012

A Road Whence

Turn right, here, to step onto the farm. Or, take the road projecting outward and away, curving, merging softly with grasses. 

A look back, all appears not as where I stood.

Taking the curve, the road now brief, with graminoid muff. 

And in a few short paces -the wood this road bisects. "Yet knowing how way leads on to way (R. Frost)," I turned back to see to what was needed.

Today we are hitting the road once again, making our way to Minnesota for the holiday. We tire of this driving, and each year plan to do it differently. But cat care, alternate side parking, and air fares at the last minute too, all conspire to have us driving. We plan to take make three 8 hour drives instead of two 12 hour stretches, a luxury given to us this year by extra work and a Tuesday Christmas. I will, at some point on this journey, make my way to Florida to see my mother and sister, and then return to Minnesota for the drive back. 

Check out my posting, thanks to a slowly improving Blogger Mobile app (two updates this year, but pictures still blur and lack placement), at Letters From the Big Woods. May you have a peaceful and joyful Christmas and New Year.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Have a good, safe trip. Maybe you could advertise for catsitters on your blog (in future...).


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