Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Time And Pasta

I bought what may amount to a few pounds of seed. From Johhny's several individual greens in quarter to one half ounce packages (including the pricey wild arugula and a pound of dwarf peas for the greens), not the usual greens mixes, and German Stripe tomato. From Fedco it's potatoes, in 2.5 lb sacks, of three varieties (blue-white, red-white, and yellow all around), carrots, parsley, cilantro, and some Sun Gold to go with my Indigo Rose tomatoes. From Peaceful Valley, it's a gallon of fish emulsion and another of kelp for foliar feeding (a new thing for me), sweet Italian long peppers and a New Mexico variety (I swear to do better with regular peppers this year), a new timer for the beach farm (the old was Sandy inundated), and maybe a pump sprayer (but not without more research) which simply means I have not 'placed' this order yet. I will probably order Black Russian tomato seeds from my original source -Kitchen Garden Seeds (many other suppliers show smaller, different tomatoes). I've already ordered 300 pounds of alfalfa meal from Agway for the garlic farm.

I recently received a hand me down computer from a video editing and effects lab. My beautiful iMac, circa 2004, G5, white, and still working, simply cannot handle the internet any longer under its final OS. I wanted to get 10 years out of that machine, but I'll accept 8, yet I never imagined it would be the web that would take it down. So, I accepted the offer of a Mac Pro tower (man, it's big), along with a somewhat yellowed Dell monitor. All I had to buy was a keyboard and mouse. The machine has more visual effects software than I can dream to use, including CS5 and 6. It has two drives, one a terabyte. It's a lot of machine, but its been through the ringer, yet I hope to get another two years out of it. These Mac Pros are strong runners, but unfortunately Apple chooses to phase them out by not writing OS updates for them, forcing the small market of professional users to buy again even though these machines could continue on.

Also, I bought a recumbent type exercise bike. Exercise. I could use some. The gadget was relatively inexpensive and it nicely folds up for stow away in our small dwelling. Much (much) cheaper than a gym membership and not ten blocks away on a cold day. I like gyms, just not that one. Also, my gardening this spring will revolve around greens, meals around eating lots of them, because time and pasta are not kind.

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