Friday, February 8, 2013


These are some daffodils growing in our side yard. It's an exceptionally warm garden, even with the cold temps of the latter half of January. So, you could imagine my surprise...

...when I drove by these daffs on my way to the Food Co-op on Cortelyou Avenue yesterday. Scooby says eeuuuh? Now that's too early in a winter that isn't particularly warm! As I was driving, I couldn't stop to make sense of it all, but was taken by the few people milling around the flowers. They must be confused by the display too -it was so paranormal. Look at the placement -who plants bulbs like that? And only on this corner, only in the public lawn?Though I was late for everything ahead, I made sure to double back on my return from the co-op.

As I wrapped the corner, I rolled down the window to take the photo. Shutter hardly pressed and a minor army of stand-arounds approached my vehicle. I heard ROLLING! Then I understood -they didn't mean me. Movies, right -that's why they look so wrong. Springtime in New York.

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