Sunday, March 17, 2013

Interior Motive

*Our plot's soil was tested by SUDS, and appeared to have no elevated levels of arsenic or lead (I had already tested for that earlier on, fish bone meal applied) and is either not showing signs of PCBs or has not been tested yet. Now we wait for their tests, but I had planted garlic in late November, after Sandy, anyways. They still don't understand gardeners or gardens. Betsy will be upset about the beach closure because she loves the ocean, but I believe she will agree with me that the inundation was caused by people, not waves, and that it will be decades before the beach is properly protected by plant covered dunes. If the garden is not re-opened, there will be a deep hole in our lives, but not entirely unexpected given the Fed's general dissatisfaction with the garden at Tilden.


  1. you have been really taking on the chin this last several months. i hope you get a few good breaks soon, frank.

    1. Ha. You know I didn't want to tell these stories, so much complaint! The knocker is that I'm not telling all the hits we've taken, just the ones I can somewhat incorporate into a story of sorts.


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