Thursday, March 28, 2013

Limbo Farms

Traveling from Queens to western New Jersey last Wednesday, Betsy and I found ourselves with a spare half hour. We stopped in at the beach farm to see how things were going. The park and garden looks as it did the day after Sandy's inundation, although this was no surprise to me as I had been there several times since. As spring approaches the washed out garden is beginning to look a little to sad to bear.

There wasn't much growth in plot, with the exception of the garlic I planted in late November. It appears to be doing okay and no matter what happens with Tilden, I plan on harvesting.

It appears that the chives are making their best effort to come back. Maybe alliums have less trouble with salt, or maybe it just wasn't enough salt to matter all that much. Limbo means the loss of our Asian and mesclun greens season. I guess I could simply plant my new seeds, running the risk of being chased out or fined, but really, I'm too busy right now to live like that. We're supposed to find out by the end of April whether or not the Ft. Tilden Community Garden will be re-opened for gardening, and until then we wait, and start new seeds for the new season.

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