Sunday, April 28, 2013

Inauspicious 2013

This is the pipeline being constructed right on the side of the road to Ft. Tilden. Animals, dead ones, are piling up along the barrier. They run across the road as they always have, meet a new dead end, then cars. If you want to read about this pipeline project traversing our national park, read Karen Orlando's blog.

The community garden at Ft. Tilden looks as it had the day after Sandy.

While the Fed hasn't asked for us to come back yet (I heard a rumor they will soon), and the park is officially closed, I've had access every time that I've visited since Sandy.

 Our plot looks fine, with considerably less weeds.

Except, the shallots I planted here are missing, which means only one thing -maggots. They were easy to find. I've been searching on the web for others having this problem. I saw no evidence here or at the farm of onion maggots at planting or in storage.

A positive sighting -cilantro seedlings are coming up. Apparently, cilantro seeds can tolerate saltwater inundation. And fennel seeds can too, as they are coming up everywhere (I knew I created a monster!). Also, daffodils, lilies, chard, elephant garlic, chives, and loads of field garlic. What appears to have succumbed? Strawberry, fig, thyme, oregano, and sage. We'll see how things look in a month.

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