Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Sunday For Gardens

As it was, last Sunday. And as I've mostly been tucked away in an office building for finals, or at the studio during my last days of tenancy, I have not been outside, but I can see -it's been gorgeous for gardening. The struggles of agriculture have allotted me a renewed appreciation for the flower garden. Vigor and tenacity are its hallmarks -mostly. I'll always grumble about the cat shit and trash (napkins!) in the garden, but I've come to see that as part of city gardening, not its better part, but part nonetheless.

The old brass lamp lady has found a new place to call us to the garden.


The shrub rose got out of hand, huge before its time. I cut it, no mercy. This is usually done in March.

Its thorny remains. No no need to have a rose bush shading out the perennials. In fact, under this rose is the only place weeds reliably grow in the front yard garden -nothing else gets established.

As it is the sunlight conditions are changing rapidly with the growth of the Zelkovas; three years since their arrival, they have changed everything on the sidewalk and garden where most plants were picked for full, hot sun. (Photo from a less sunny day)

I never liked the placement of several lilies I bought four years back. I've also never dug up and moved a lily while it was actively growing. Now I have. Three lilies moved to sunnier locales, away from pickers who don't climb short fences, and more visible to all. Check out those adventitious roots extending from the stem.

Since I was concerned about the lily's tolerance for transplant I made sure to dig far and wide, transplanting the soil as well as the plant. Did you know that garlic is a lily?

Angelique, the second.

Then we went to Greenwood, for lunch, dogwoods, cherries, and others.


  1. Green-Wood: Thanks for the reminder. I haven't seen it in spring.

    Angelique fooled me into thinking she was a peony.

    1. And reliably returns without nurture. Greenwood. Now and later. It may turn a persons feelings about azaleas. We refuse to miss it this year.

    2. Have you seen the azaleas at the NYBG?

      Yes - thanks for the azalea reminder, too.

  2. I love those Angeliques. I finally put some in right by the front door last fall. I'm happy to hear Angelique is reliable; I'd assumed she wasn't since she's sooo fancy.


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