Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Field Notes

Last year the side garden received more than its share of regular trouncing, but it's growing again so we're at it again. Some plants came back from the dead either from their own roots (salvia) or from self seeding (dicentra eximia). Overall things look okay except for the bare spot where the trouncing was too much. Here we've moved some delicate natives that years back I bought at the New England Wildflower Society in Massachusetts. They're slowly coming to life as natives so often do. 

I apologize for these sunny, hard iPhone photos. I've been eyeballing cameras for months now and cannot decide. When you cannot decide, don't do anything. Obviously I do not have my intended use down and/or the cameras that are out there do not meet my needs. It's hard to beat pocketable iPhones for convenience if not for bokeh. It's not even that there aren't great cameras out there. It's just me and the money, I guess. 

In better blogging news, google has updated their mobile blogging interface to finally include inserting photos within the text body! They will still be scaled and on the blurry side, but I'll take the incremental improvements. This post was made on the bus, a somewhat nausea inducing experience, but a great use of down time. 

Our may apples are producing fruit and I think that's remarkable. Remember that I plucked these from a cull pile on a Van Cortlandt Park trail building trip.

On Friday I plan to head out to the farm. I was sent a photo from another farmer showing some strong yellows in my long storing varieties. They were yellow before, so I'll need to visit to comprehend  what is really going on. I'll spray my last dose of fish and kelp meal, plant the remaining onions (so late now, but why the hell not?), and pull some weeds. I'm not a religious sort, but clearly the success of this year's crop is out of my hands. 

Next week I have a meeting with the folks at New Amsterdam Market, the high priced foodie market in the old Fulton Fish location near the South Street Seaport. I contacted them last December but hadn't heard back until just the other day. It appears they're interested and if their stall prices aren't too high, so am I. Now I just need to harvest some healthy garlic. 

Update: Might I now say that these photos look terrible on a computer screen. I think Blogger is scaling these terribly so that they are more than blurry, but pixelated. Yech.

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