Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Near Past

A quick set of pictures from last week, when the weather turned cooler than expected. I went out to the farm to apply the ingredients I purchased at the Hydroponic Garden Center in Queens. The day began with clouds.

Yet by afternoon the sun had shone. Then, late afternoon I could see the fog rolling in off the ocean. That's it there, the pale gray bank above the trees.

Another farmer mows our grass.

Fog is rolling in.

Amber Waves wheat field. See their wheat project here.

The moon shifted restlessly, concealed and exposed, as the fog drifted inland.


  1. lovely photos Yes the weather is really quite strange these days So cold and now we are getting near 90 in Pennsylvania So unpredictable !!

  2. Apparently the climate change model is showing signs of being correct in North America. High amplitude jet stream means shifts from one extreme to the other. Yipee.


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