Wednesday, May 22, 2013

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things...

Landlords spraying Roundup on all the plants that stick their heads out of fences. 

Poster rehash, F train Brooklyn. 


  1. Ha! They do on Henry Street, too.

    What is the MATTER with the landlord????

  2. You'll love this one...A maintenance man sprayed my grape hyacinths right in front of me. They weren't blooming and looked like grass that would have to be mowed. (They were in a bare patch of dirt under a Rose of Sharon.) I wanted to spray him! A few grape hyacinths survived but the largest group was killed.

  3. First of all, my landlord is so blind his glasses are three inches thick and he holds things right to his face to see them. And honestly, they are plant ignorant so wouldn't know a weed from a garden plant. But they just got this negative idea about plants coming through the iron fence!

    Terri, ignorance and convenience are a dangerous combination. I guess another reason to hate Monsanto.


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