Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Garlic By Morning

Because I'm still asleep. But walking around. We harvested over 3000 bulbs over the last three days. Each individually dug with a shovel, hand-pulled, bundled by size, tied, tagged, crated and hung. Add to that insane amounts of Hamptons' traffic, roadside car repair, persistent allergies and the hottest days of the summer thus far. After finishing this last night (is 12 am the morning?) we headed west. Bleary eyed by the time we reached Riverhead, I decided to break with form and crash at a motel off Route 112 (thanks to neighbor Edith for feeding our home bound beasts), rising to suffer morning commuter traffic so that I could make it to work by noon. We are beat. Only one more harvest round to go, in three days and that will be that for the 2012-13 growing season.

Please check out Marie's post at Edible Brooklyn about Hudson Clove. Thanks Marie!

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