Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Garden Tractor

Can anyone find me this part? It's an electrical system condenser for a Briggs & Stratton 7hp vertical shaft motor on a Simplicity Broadmoor 728 circa 1972/4. 

I've been looking at used garden tractors for mowing at the farm, but I've steered clear because these old machines look like they'll be broke more than running. It's only because I've been eyeing them that I noticed and recognized this model of tractor in my father in law's garage. 

I don't know anything about small engines, but have come to realize how simple they are and that's a beautiful thing. I set to taking it apart; troubleshooting amongst the mosquitoes; each day stalled by some new complication, yet progress on each endeavor. The starter now turns, but no spark. 

I guess I've given myself this challenge to distract myself with learning. At the same time, the lawn here needs to be mowed, and there are five non working mowers in the garage, six if you count the Simplicity. I've been trying to sell these for parts on CL, but so far little to no biting. 

Meanwhile, our trusty van is in Ohio, waiting on a new, used rear end from a junk yard in Georgia. Poor thing gave out just east of the Pennsylvania Ohio line. We had to rent a car to continue on to Minnesota, while our credit gets torn into by the Youngstown Aamco. 

The expense aside, I'm befuddled because I was going to borrow my father in law's rototiller, carting it back to NY in the van. It's a large Troybilt, with forward and reverse, big tines, and plenty of power for the farm. I've considered shipping it, but so far in the hole already, and now I'm so focused on starting the lawn tractor that I may never get to it. 

We'll see what tomorrow brings in garden tractor repair. If I can get that machine started, I'll feel pretty good. 

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