Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hudson Clove Live

The online garlic store is now open. Whew! Here you can buy an eleven bulb "gift bundle" or five varieties by the quarter pound. Please note that USPS shipping prices are quite reasonable if you are purchasing less than three pounds for shipment anywhere in the USA, but rise dramatically if your package weighs more and ships to any state south or west of the Appalachians. This new postal service pricing was a surprise to me and quite confounded my Paypal shipment price calculations. If you live far from the Mid Atlantic and you see a ridiculous price for shipping, you will save money by finding alternate sources in your region. Also, one final word on shipping: If Paypal doesn't utilize your current shipping address, please email me on the day of your order with your current shipping address. I can circumvent the Paypal shipping address it forces you to use and get the box out to you. Ok enough about all that.

You can also visit Hudson Clove on Sunday, September 29, at this autumn's first New Amsterdam Market near the old Fulton Fish market. Here, you will be able to buy garlic priced by the pound, one bulb or thirty, and mix varieties.  If I do not sell out at the September 29 market, I will return on October 27. Also, I was asked to return Sativum ? Sativum to Bartertown at the Dumbo Arts Festival on Saturday, September 28, in where else but Dumbo, Brooklyn. I will not be selling garlic, but will be offering free raw tastings, garlic education, and loose cloves to take home.


  1. Just tried to order the $25 gift package (for myself!) and at first the shipping (to my NYC address) came up as $6, which seemed reasonable. Then when I entered my PayPal info, the shipping changed to $9. Not sure why, or how to proceed. Suggestions?

    1. Ellen, that doesn't make sense, but with PayPal one never knows. Does Paypal use a different shipping address attached to you account, say in PA? Because outside the coastal Atlantic charges change. I will have to get inside Paypal to see what's up. Yup, just looked. Is your Paypal or cc linked to a PA address?

    2. The problem is, and I actually waited on hold for quite awhile to discuss this with a Paypal rep, that I must charge the same for shipping to Pittsburgh as to Philadelphia. Stupid, but it's how they worked it out. Send me an email, Ellen, telling me where you want it shipped. The price will be the NYC price.

  2. OMG! Frank I have missed following everything, so lost in the pipeline project at Floyd and Riis. It sounds and looks like you had a great year though. Yay.


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