Thursday, October 10, 2013

Turning The Corner

Today I signed the document terminating my relationship with Industry City. It was a stressful and sour experience. I'm not sure how to communicate the psychological burden losing one's studio space is. I haven't been able to work in months. 

I arrived at Columbus Circle looking for some coffee, but the line was out the door. I had time to move along to the next only two blocks from the first. On approach I saw the shelters typical of a farmers' market at the triangle in front of Lincoln Center. I had no idea. 

The farmers' market always picks me up. The exhilaration of shopping, the cornucopia of colors and textures puts me right where I want to be. Hell, it's food, right -that's where I want to be. I bought apples (a customer implored me to buy Winesap but after the first bite I thought the skin was leathery) and an heirloom wheat baguette. Turning the corner, the scent of rosemary.

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